We all know the importance of looking after ourselves and leading healthy lives, but we’re not always good at putting theory into practice. Yummygums make vitamins fun: they’re packed with flavour and energy. They’ll make you look forward to your health routine, day after day. So let’s do this!

Everyone has good intentions: eat better, cut down on sugar, go to bed early, get more exercise. Trouble is, sometimes the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. When you can see where you want to go, but motivation is in short supply, you occasionally need a gentle push in the right direction.

Just as music can bring a whole new dimension to your workouts, so Yummygums add zest to a healthy lifestyle. They make life more fun, challenging you to live better not just because it’s important, but because you enjoy it. And they turn routines into pleasures that you actually look forward to.

A healthy lifestyle is important. If you take good care of yourself, you will feel better – physically and mentally. Time for yourself, a good night’s sleep, social contact and sufficient exercise are important for this, just like a good diet is. It all adds up. In addition, every body is different, and you may just need a little extra support.

We help you on your way by filling the gaps in your diet with vitamins and minerals. We do this with the care and attention that your body deserves. That is why, we only use high-quality ingredients, natural colours and flavours and no ingredients of animal origin. We use pectin – from vegetables and fruit – instead of gelatin, as a binding agent. So our gummies are 100% vegan! In addition, Yummygums are also halal and free of allergens. That way, we can be there for everyone.

We strive for a happy, pleasant and healthy world. We actively contribute to that. For example, we take into account more sustainable alternatives during production and we work on a long-term basis with the global NGO, Vitamin Angels. For every bottle sold, Yummygums makes a donation to Vitamin Angels, helping one underprivileged child or pregnant woman to get essential vitamins and minerals. Together we give them the opportunity to lead a healthy and happy life. Read more about Vitamin Angels

We take health seriously, so that you can enjoy yourself, carefree. Our recipes are tailored to the intended result, nothing more and nothing less. We test each gummy extensively as regards composition, taste and structure, because we strive for the best quality for you and your body.

Yummygums products comply with all European regulations for food and supplements. Our gummies are produced in Germany under the supervision of a team of quality and regulatory experts. Every party we work with has to fulfil our strict requirements of transparency, traceability and documentation. For example, we have an IFS (guarantee of food safety) and GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices). After each production round, we draft an analysis certificate and test the amount of vitamins and minerals in the product in the lab. This is how we ensure that the gummies contain the quantities that we promise on the label.

”IF this had existed at the time…”

“ … our new health regime would have got off to a flying start,” says Michel. “In January 2017, we made a new year’s resolution to turn over a new leaf, start a daily exercise programme, and follow a rigorous diet, which included vitamin pills. “We were proud we’d taken this step, but we soon stopped taking the pills. We lacked motivation, and we constantly forgot them, so we ended up with a cabinet full of half-empty open bottles. Does this strike a chord?” ”

Michel and Luuk decided to do things differently. Taking a daily handful of pills isn’t exactly something you look forward to, so they began looking for a better, more fun solution that would make it easier to maintain a healthy routine. They launched Yummygums in 2017, and we’ve since built up a range of vitamin gummies that we’re proud of. In summary: taking good care of yourself? Now that’s really something to look forward to.





Head of Brand

“Yummygums’ energy and positive mentality is what I like the most. Every day we put out products that people love and benefit from (incl. me!). That really gives you a boost.”


Managing Director

“Seeing people get excited about Yummygums. That is super contagious for me! It’s great that we have a tasty and healthy product that also looks really nice and is popular too.”


Campaign Marketeer

“Every day, you create a moment of enjoyment for people. We work hard with our team to make that happen. To hear that you make the healthy routines of your customers more fun and also easier is just so satisfying!”


Head of Growth

“​​In my previous company we provided a service and we were not occupied much with the experience. I love Yummygums because I can work every day with a great product that makes our customers happy be with us.”


Influencer Marketeer

“I think taking good care of myself is super important and I also want to inspire others to do the same. In a relatively short time, we have made an incredible amount of progress together which motivates me every day.”


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