Vegan vitamine gummies voor iedereen

Vegan and natural

7 vitamins and minerals

Blackberry- flavour



Vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian? Your daily dose of vitamin B12, calcium, and iron, in delicious sugarfree blackberry-flavour gummies. The first vegan gummy formula to contain iron!

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1 Bottle (60 gummies)

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Vegan vitamine gummies voor iedereen

Vegan and natural

7 vitamins and minerals

Blackberry- flavour


· Contributes to your immune system
· Supports your energy level
· Contributes to the production of red blood cells
· Is good for your muscles

Vitamins specially for vegetarians and vegans

· Contains 60 gummies
· Including Vitamin B12, calcium and iron
· Doesn't have to be taken with food or water.

You might have already noticed... some gummies have a green tint! Our main protagonist iron likes to stand out ;) When this mineral reacts with the other ingredients, it can turn the gummies green. So a bottle of Vegan may contain different colours, ranging from dark red to greenish. This reaction in no way affects the effect, taste or quality of the ingredients. So don't worry if there are some green friends in your bottle of gummies!


7 specifically selected vitamins and minerals. Supports your energy level, contributes to a healthy immune system and maintenance of strong bones.

Yummygums Vegan is made with colourings and flavourings, obtained from plant sources The colouring is extracted from carrot juice concentrate. With the delicious blackberry flavour.

Yummygums are vegan and have starch or pectin (from skins of fruit 🍎 and vegetables) as binding agent instead of animal gelatine. They are also free from gluten, lactose, seeds and nuts. The gummies also have a halal quality mark.

Our gummies are produced in Germany under the close supervision of certification bodies. We collaborate with a team of quality and regulatory experts to safeguard quality and safety in every production phase. Yummygums has an IFS (guarantee of food safety) and GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices).


14 mg


120 mg

Vitamine B12

Vitamin B12

25 mcg

Vitamine D3

Vitamin D3

25 mcg

Vitamine B6

Vitamin B2

0,7 mg



150 mcg



5 mg

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“I’ve been a vegan for a while, but I want to make sure I’m getting the right nutrients. I particularly like to take vitamin B12 and iron. I tried Yummygums, and I’ve never looked back. They’re everything I was looking for, in a single supplement. And what’s more, I love the taste!”- Charlotte


If you combine the Vegan and Multi+, you do not exceed the established maximum upper limit of vitamins. However, it is not necessarily necessary, as both gummies contain many overlapping vitamins. However, if you are missing specific vitamins in the Yummygums Vegan, you can choose to additionally use Yummygums Multi+.

Yes, they are. All our gummies are vegan and so do not contain any animal ingredients. In addition to being vegan, this product is also specifically aimed at a vegan diet. It contains a greater quantity of the vitamins and minerals that you get less of when you do not eat animal products

Animal products are naturally rich in vitamin B12. If you are vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, it is possible that you will experience a vitamin B12 deficiency, which is why Yummygums Vegan contains an extra high dose of B12, 1000% RDA. This amount is well within the established safe limits. Moreover, when you have too much vitamin B12 in your body, your body automatically limits its absorption.

Yes, even if you are flexitarian and so you (usually) eat less meat, Yummygums Vegan is a great addition to your diet.

Vitamin D is largely produced by your skin under the influence of the sun. You get a small part from food, such as fatty fish. Vitamin D comes in different forms, namely vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. When you take a supplement with vitamin D, it is preferable to choose D3. This is more easily absorbed by your body, because it is a body-specific variant.