Yummygums are good for your mind and body, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

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Need a vitamin top-up? We’ve got you.

Looking after yourself has never been so much fun! Our gummies support your healthy lifestyle. Whatever your goals, we can help to get you going in the right direction.

If you have a healthy diet, you’re already getting enough vitamins. But, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t eating as well as we should. For example, the UK’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that adults aged 18 to 64 eat an average of 3.7 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, compared to the recommended five. But don’t worry: Yummygums help you to maintain a healthy vitamin intake.

Have you ever heard someone say: “Oh, I could murder a vitamin pill right now”? Neither have we. But Yummygums will have you reaching into the jar day after day: they get you into healthy habits, and they’re a treat for your whole body, not just your tastebuds.

You won’t see Yummygums gathering dust in the medicine cabinet like vitamin pills do. They’re so tasty that even your kids will clamour for them. And that’s a promise!

More than 270,000
bottles sold


A complete multivitamin

hair growth gummies with biotin


Power boost to hair, skin and nails


Essential vitamins for mums to be


Special multivitamin for children

Sunny D3

Maintain your vitamin D level


Complement to an animal-free diet

Vegan Omega-3

Plant-based DHA without that fishy taste


For everyday energy support

What’s your vitamin match?

Your vitamin needs are as unique as you are, but we have a gummy to suit you. These are our fans’ favourites:

Isabella (26)

“It’s like candy that’s good for you.”

Isabella is a dancer, so she’s on her feet all day. Multi+ are a fun, easy way of maintaining her energy levels.

Vitamine B12 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin B12
Extra energy when you’re tired

Vitamine D3 - Multivitamine - Yummygums

Vitamin D3
Supports muscle activity

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin C
Strengthens your immune system

See Multi+

Stephanie (27)

“My hair always looked sorry for itself, but now it’s had a whole new lease of life.”

Dancer Stephanie’s hair was tired and listless. Now it makes her feel good when she looks in the mirror.

Biotine - Haar - Yummygums

Promotes hair growth and keeps it strong and shiny

Vitamine D3 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Improves the condition of your hair

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Bamboo Extract
Rich source of silicon for your hair

See Hair

Ollie (31)

‘’They taste so good, I never forget to take them.’’

Ollie is a nurse, and often gets up early. He takes his gummies before he goes out, to get the day off to a flying start.

Vitamine B12 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin B12
Extra energy when you’re tired

Vitamine D3 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin D3
Supports muscle strength

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin C
Supports your immune system

See Multi+

Aisa (36) en Nia (0)

”Happy, healthy mother, happy healthy baby!”

Aisa took Mummy gummies before, during, and after her pregnancy. They were an easy way to look after herself and her baby.

Foliumzuur - Mommy - Yummygums

Folic acid
Promotes placental and baby growth

Vitamine D3 - Mommy - Yummygums

Vitamin D3
Helps bone formation

Vitamine B12 - Mommy - Yummygums

Vitamin B12
Maintains energy levels

See Mommy

Boaz (9) en Micah (6)

“When mum says it’s vitamin time, it makes us happy”

Finn and Nina get their extra daily vitamins from Multi+. They’re a treat for kids and parents alike.

Vitamine B12 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamine B12
Extra energy for tired people

Vitamine D3 - Kinder vitamine - Yummygums

Vitamine D3
Strong bones and teeth

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamine C
Boosts your immune system

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Naturally Vegan

We’re absolutely obsessed with quality. Yummygums are made in Germany to the very highest standards, contain no allergens or artificial colourings or flavourings, and are 100 percent vegan.

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